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Candela F1
Ring Plated


As small branches, wraps the finger with delicate grace.
Made of brass microfusion lost wax, 925 silver or 18kt gold plated.

Electrolytic lacquer finish to protect it from wear and temperature use.

About Candela Collection.
The Bijoux that make up this collection are designed for the same purpose, to recreate the varied forms of nature in the body. Intricate drawing of roots in the Earth or the essential perfection of a seed is the source of inspiration for this delicate Bijoux.

Use Advice:
During use, it is recommended to avoid contact with aggressive chemical agents such as bleach or ammonia.

To preserve stored in a dry, dark place.

Weight 8.7g.

Sizes: Large 19mmØ, Medium 18mmØ, Small 17mmØ

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