About us

Born in Milan, Nadia was interested in the beauty of textures and shapes ever since childhood. Later, this led her into the exploration of the world of jewellery.

Completing a degree in fine arts enabled her to develop the skills for her unique style. While travelling North America, she got inspired by new creations, shapes, textures and colours that enabled her to master her art. During the trip, she integrated elements of nature into the pieces which allowed them to be worn as both casual and evening wear.

Another travelling experience, this time to the island Menorca, resulted in the decision to settle there, as Nadia truly fancied its beauty and energy. Her jewellery was established in the city of Ciutadella where she currently lives.

An investigation of various materials and shapes is evident in Nadia's work, however, after several collections, her true goal clearly emerged:


"The aim has always been to create a jewel which is more than an ornament, one that

could transfer all the images, memories and feelings which come together when realizing an idea."


Nadia has created a beautiful and elegant style which is comfortable to wear. Each collection is unique, stylish and designed to enhance any outfit. 

Her unique style and creativity became instruments in the success of several well-known brands such as Iñaki Sampedro, Jaime Mascaró and Chaverdi .
Due to Nadia's success throughout the Mediterranean islands, the collections are now brought to you. Easily affordable, exclusive and with free delivery.


Nadia Rabosio SLL.